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March 10, 2008 - Moo? - Solar T
Solar icon Happy belated new year! I know we say this a lot, but sorry for the lack of real updates. Progress is always slow, as we are learning as we go, and making most of this game from scratch, including much of the engine's coding. But rest assured, progress IS being made. As always, help in an field is welcome.

Currently, here is where things stand. First, I am still toying with the engine's coding. I have finally begun working on levels again since we dropped the BUILD engine, but don't have anything worth showing just yet. The levels are basically layout and story elementa trigger placements, so visually unattractive still. Tails has been working on what he can in his spare time, in between his classes that is.

For anyone who checks this site regularly, I just want to state something about this project. I started this almost 10 years ago, simply making levels for the BUILD engine for fun. I created a single level at first, which was a massive region that had Robotropolis, The Great Forest, Knothole, the land between the forest and town, and a secret underground lair for Solar. But that wasn't enough, so I started making more levels. The Death Egg, a Sonic 2 special stage, Mystic Cave Zone, and various others. Finally, it dawned on me as time went on "wow, if I can do this just out of bordum, imagine what I could do if I focused, and made my own game!" I called the project Virtual Mobius (I always sucked at names).

Tails and I have been friends a long time, and when he learned about what I was doing, he was more than happy to jump on board. Since then, the Project EGG took form and has evolved into what it is today.. a still unfinished game with more concept work than a short novel, lol. Sonic the Hedgehog: Total Immersion (Sonic TI) will be done. We will finish it, and we will release it free to the community. Reguardless of the increasingly embarrassing things that have come out bearing Sonic's name, and the sadness we feel toward the downward spiral in Sega's quality, we will always be Sonic fans at heart. In this time of sub-par Sonic games, now, more than ever, we need to sit down and get this game done, and done right. Sonic fans need a good solid game to play, and though our vision may not be shared by other fans, at least we can say we tried.

Sonic TI will be done one day, this, I promise the Sonic Community. I will never abandon the project!


September 1, 2007 - We're not dead! We're just bums! >_> - SA Tails
Tails icon First off, I messed with the layout for the umpteenth time. Worth noting is the improved character images in the Characters page, new staff icons and linking to our forum, the BBS Zone, which is the best way to get in contact with us!

On to the subject of the game, it's hard to find motivation, and with Sonic games embaressingly sucky lately, it's depressing... worth repeating now, we also need staff! If you want to contribute, please contact us either by AIM, e-mail or better yet, the messageboard.

January 13, 2007 - I'm not dead yet! - Solar T
Solar icon Yes, it's been a long time since an official update. The project is NOT dead, don't fear. We're just a tad understaffed, so going incredibly slow. I am still working on the engine and done some level work, but not a while lot worth posting here. As always, if you're good with scripting, graphics, 3D models, animation, sound, ect.. and wish to contribute, just send me an e-mail!


10-14-2005 Layout Change! - SA Tails
Tails icon We're still alive! Behold, another site layout change! Why? Cause we can... **ahem** This site now uses frames for navigation. Fear not if you don't want them! The frames are optional. You can turn them off on the index page and use the original menu links. If you want some extra information though, you should have frames turned on.

The function is to show the current status of a project, in this case, Total Immersion... that's pretty much it. However, once this game is finished, it will be sent to an archive folder so you all can still get information about it and the new project will replace the current pages with its own.

BTW, TI is still being worked on. The current status is shown on the frame menu. Sorry we've not given a progress report. One more thing... I brought back the colored scrollbars.

9-23-2005 Updates - SA Tails
Tails icon Woo! Another graphics update. I tweaked our little update icons... I also removed the pointless resized version of the splash image in the Soundtrack page. I shaded the weapons icons, and I made new icons for just about all the items! Oh, I also added the Laser Rifle's icon and removed the colored scrollbars, as only people using IE can see them, apparently... so that's kinda lame.
9-20-2005 Again, we're not dead!! - SA Tails
Tails icon No progress update for the game. I'm updating HTML... again... why do I keep doing this? So I don't get rusty. This is also an announcement that I'm also in the process of making new graphics for the items & building the new Weapons portion of the Items page. ^_^
6-10-2005 New staff member! - SA Tails
Tails icon Yay, we've got a new slave, I mean staff member! Power of Knuckles will be our 3D model maker. He's very good and with his help, we're sure to make TI look much more profectional! Welcome aboard, PoK!

BTW, I added more to the system requirements of the old demo, just to be clear on one thing... it's a DOS application, and as such... ME/2000/XP Windows users may need an emulator to run the game. We suggest DosBox.

6-04-2005 Eh.. heh heh? - SA Tails
Tails icon Still checking on this site, right? All three of you? We told you! No pr0n here! **rimshot** Anyhow. Notice anything different? More layout updates! ... Yeah. I've done yet more site tweaking... I've been slimming down some HTML, added/omitted some text in various sections... also updated much of the character profile graphics. BTW, all the old news is now in the Archive. Well... that's it.
2-22-2005 Gasp! And update!? - Solar Tails
Solar icon No, we're not dead, so stop poking us with that stick. Things have been slow, as usual, but hope is not lost. For those of you who enjoy something new now and then, here's something. In the downloads section, I've re-added the old trailer movie. I know it's not a great update, but it's something until we get our butts in gear, heh. Enjoy!


2-29-2004 Stuff... - SA Tails
Tails icon More site fixing & tweaking... I'm correcting typos and such around the site. There should now be some overall semi-coherent grammer... other than on the update entries. =P Also, I added new character profile images... though a couple aren't finished being shaded.

This just in!

Screenshots from TI on 3D Game Studio! It's only a test but this shows how advanced the game will be... eat your heart out, Build engine! =)

Green Hill 1/Platforms & Shadows | Green Hill 2/Water | Green Hill 3/Snow

2-18-2004 Site Layout Update - SA Tails
Tails icon W00t. I'm updating everything but... the demo. XD New character pictures will be up soon enough.
2-15-2004 Whopper of an Update! - Solar Tails
Solar icon Huzzah to me! TO ME I SAYS! Er.. that is to say, I removed all ads from our account. No more pop-ups or ugly banners. More Bandwidth, more space (not really needed for this site, but I host other sites of mine or Team Irregular sites here, so woo!). And soon, a domain name. Though Tails already has a Domain name we planned on using for the Irregular home page. My domain name just came free with the service lol.

I don't know how long I'll have this service. Tails and I have been talking about real hosting for a while now, but anything we plan won't take place until later this year, so I felt upgrading my 5 year old Angelfire account for a while was worth it.

And with my overall laziness on the team, it was the least I could do to make up for it.

In other news, keep an eye out. I'm working on getting new objects made in the engine so I can make new screenshots and update the BADLY outdated items page.

Tails is also working on some updates for the site, such as graphics and some layout repairs. So soon, we should have a nicely up-to-date site going again. =)

2-14-2004 Valentine's Day - Solar Tails
Solar icon Happy Valentines day everyone. May your day be meaningful and full of love. You know, unlike mine =D
1-14-2004 RECAP - Solar Tails
Solar icon Okay, for those of you new to the site, here is some major news I had posted before the host went down. First of all, we no longer use the Build Engine. It's a good engine, but not very flexible outside FPS games, and Sonic TI being an RPG, we had to eventually abandon it.

For a graphics engine, we are now using the Game Studio A5 engine. That alone gives the game far better graphical capabilities, but the main cause for cheer is that we're scripting the rest of the engine ourselves.

This means we can do anything and everything we wanted and had planned without limitation. So expect MAJOR updates to this site as I continue development. Overall, the game is the same. Same storyline, same levels. Just better graphics and greatly improoved gameplay.

1-14-2004 SITE DOWNDATES - Solar Tails
Solar icon You heard me! Downdates! Our new host is down, so I uploaded my site backup to angelfire and redirected the CJB address for now. my backup is a liiiiiitle outdated. The date on the Zip was Febuary 8, 2003 lol.

But don't worry, we're still working on the game and we're still updating the site. Tails has the most recent backups of the site, so once I get ahold of him, I'll update my archives and bring the site back up to speed.

The new engine is well underway. It still needs massive work, but it's stable and usable. I just need to program the menu and inventory systems, and then focus harder on 3D models and levels. As I make the new game items and levels, I will post the updated info.

In the mean time, bear with us. Also, if you are good with 3D models, levels or programming, we can use your help. I'm currently the only 3D Graphic/Level Designer/Programmer on the team


7-11-2003 WE ARE ALIVE! - SA Tails
Tails icon Much to everyone's dismay... TI is still in the works. =P We have found a better program to make the game with so soon you'll see a totally different and ultimatly BETTER game. Here's to a new beginning and a... new host! I moved the site to SonicVerseTeam.com, which will give us a lot more freedom than Angelfire even hopes to have. =D
3-08-2003 PROGRAMMERS - Solar Tails
Solar icon Well it's that time of year again for the bi-annual SAGE Expo. For those of you who were here last time, not many noticeable updates have been made to the game yet, but the site's past problems that might have prevented you from viewing or downloading files has been repaired.

Bandwidth isn't perfect, but it is less likely we will go down now. The Demo download is up and the trailer is er... well hopefully WILL be up before tomorrow, lol. By next SAGE, we should have a better demo.

As I previously stated, we have been focusing on the engine and getting it how we want it before furtherdeveloping levels and graphics.

2-08-2003 GAME UPDATES - Solar Tails
Solar icon Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I have been trying to focus on the programming issues more than anything else in the game. Although I haven't done as much work as I could have, I have still been hard at work trying to further develope the engine.

If anyone is familiar with programming in C and/or the Build Engine, The Irregulars can use your help. Just e-mail me if you're interested. I being the only programmer on the team makes it hard to get a lot done =D


12-26-2002 Merry... late Christmas! - Tails
Tails icon Okay, here's an important message: File Planet is now asking for subscriptions to use their services, what's that mean? Basically you have to sign up to get the demo, we're sorry for that but at least it's free and you can then download other stuff off FP. Anyhoo, sorry it took so long to tell y'all this, but we've been busy >.<
11-25-2002 Demo returns... finally! - SA Tails
Tails icon The demo's back up! Special thanks goes to Neon Chaos of Shadow of Hedgehog for putting it on his host! THANK YOU!!!
10-31-2002 LUCK OF THE FOX - Solar Tails
Solar icon Downloads down AGAIN! Angelfire deleted them, saying they were a violation of the terms of agreement. Strange how uploading our own game for people is a violation. Anyway, I could try and argue with Angelfire to get them to allow me to reupload them, but why bother?

Angelfire is good for sites, but crap for downloadables. And eventually, someone else would just delete the work I bet. Once again, I will locate us a place to use that will last longer tha a week. e-mail me if you have any ideas.

10-24-2002 SITE UPDATES - Solar Tails
Solar icon Sorry it took so long, but the demo is back up and the site shouldn't suffer much bandwidth problems anymore. Downloads might occationally go down because of bandwidth, but please be patient for now. When they go down, it's only for an hour or two.

Finding places to store files with decent bandwidth is hard lately. But at least the site will remain open during bandwidth issues now. So feel free to browse ^^

9-23-2002 SITE UPDATES - Solar Tails
Solar icon Didn't take long for the demo to go down. The site I had it loaded to was deleted for "blocking thier ads." Which 1- I didn't do and 2- It's impossible to block Tripod's ads. So we're looking for a new place to store the demo for now. We'll keep you updated.
9-20-2002 SITE UPDATES - Solar Tails
Solar icon NEW BETA/DEMO! The day is finally here when you can say "Wow, they HAVE done work! Who'd have guessed?" =P Besides the demo, I transfered the trailer to another server. Because of all the hits we're getting from SAGE, the site has had some bandwidth issues. mostly because of the downloads. The site should be fine now though.
9-16-2002 SITE UPDATES - Solar Tails
Solar icon And Thus SAGE begins! *has nothing else to say* o.o
8-21-2002 SITE UPDATES - SA Tails
Tails icon Wheee! Here I am at 3am, I should be in bed but... yea. Anyway, I come with updates. A demo is in the works and will be released in time for the Sonic Amature Games Expo(SAGE). We're partisipating in it for the first time and we're psyched! :D

All pages have been updated, with beefed up character bios and some layout changes. The link to the game demo's down for now til I can get a directory at a site to store it, so hang tight.

8-14-2002 MINOR UPDATES - Solar Tails
Solar icon Just some minot updates. I replaced quite a few images with updated ones and added a new item or two to the items area.
8-13-2002 TRAILER - Solar Tails
Solar icon Sorry for the huge lack of updates lately, but we've been hard at work on programing more than anything else, so there's not much to say that wouldn't bore you guys to death. Anyway, I just finished uploading the new Trailer video into the downloads section. ^^
3-19-2002 NEWS PAGE - SA Tails
Tails icon Well, as you can see. The site has a new look to it. This here is the news page, where progress, updates and any news that's related to the game will be posted. This should make things a LOT easier when you come here to check if anything's new!