This is the central cast. There are many more characters, hero, villain and unknown! Many twists and turns abound!

The Heroes of Knothole Village

This brave group of Mobians are the only ones who can stand up to the evil Dr. Robotnik! In addition to the Freedom Fighters, you'll meet other allies on your journey.
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog The one and only Blue Blur, the fastest thing alive! Ever since Robotnik's rise to power, Sonic has helped in fighting "Robuttnik" in the hopes of someday rescuing his uncle, Sir Charles, and everyone who have fallen to the mad doctor.

Sonic's relied upon as the best hope for his world. His only fear is letting everyone down, and losing his uncle forever. He has a heart of gold and loves his friends and the thrill of adventure.

He can be very stubborn, much to the disliking of a curtain princess...

Miles "Tails" Prower
Miles "Tails" Prower Born shortly after Robotnik's takeover, Miles has never seen Mobius in peace.His parents vanished shortly after his birth, most likely captured and roboticized.

Miles looks up to Sonic like a big brother and dreams of being a hero just like him. Though very young, Miles is very smart and loves working with machines.

He gets his nickname "Tails" from his twin tails, which he can utilize to fly by rotating them.

Princess Sally
Princess Sally The daughter of King Acorn, Sally is the leader of the Freedom Fighters, which ever since being formed, has been a thorn in Dr. Robotnik's side.

Sally strives to free her father the king, who vanished when his nation fell to the evil dictator. She misses him greatly and is confident once she and her friends find him, he could do what it takes to rid their world of Robotnik once and for all.

Her knowledge of computers, headstrong attitude and her strategic skills make her a great leader. Her only problem is a curtain blue hedgehog that doesn't follow orders.

Solar No one knows very much about Solar, not even himself.

Eight years ago, he was in an accident in the Great Unknown. An old temple collapsed while he was inside. Sonic the Hedgehog found him and brought him back to Knothole Village to get medical attention. He knew nothing about himself, not even his name.

Since he carried a pendant with the symbol of light on it, he called himself Solar. Also, that name sounded familiar to him. Because of his appearance, people started calling him Solar Tails. To this day, that name has stuck. Since the accident, he's lived alone just outside Knothole and keeps mostly to himself.

The Villains of Robotropolis

The bad guys, who want complete control of the planet by any means! The Freedom Fighters are the only ones standing in their way...
Dr. Robotnik
Dr. Robotnik This evil genius was once known as Julian. He was in a past life the "loyal" warlord under King Acorn. He soon betrayed the King and sacked the city of Mobotropolis.

He then used the Kingdom's former millitary forces, the Swatbots, to capture people all over the world to have them roboticized. The Roboticizer is a machine that can transform flesh and blood into metal and circuits.

Now known as Dr. Robotnik, he disires nothing but to finish capturing every last remaining Mobian and turn them into his robotic slaves, to work and toil for eternity in the newly renamed Robotropolis.

Only his arch-enemies, Sonic the Hedgehog and the Freedom Fighters, stand in his way. The Freedom Fighers have spoiled his plans many times... is this time any different?

Snively Robotnik's nephew and second-in-command.

Although second only to Robotnik, he is treated no better than the mindless Swatbots. For this, Snively has grown to hate the Doc with all his heart.

Snively is a coward in every sence of the word. He insults Robotnik under his breath, and whenever he's confronted, he has an excuse for whatever's been said. Though he wishes his uncle were gone, being with him all these years has warped Snively's mind. He wants control of the world himself and will take any opportunity he can get.

SWATbots Once these robots made up the police and military of the peaceful city of Mobotropolis. Now they serve only Robotnik.

These mindless drones are under orders to capture and roboticize any organic lifeform who resists Dr. Robotnik's new world order.

Special units are given specific instructions, depending on the task.


These characters have unknown alliances... what purpose do they serve?
Badniks These strange robots have recently started appearing lately. Being nothing like the Swatbots, they are little animal-like droids.

The difference between them and the rest of Robotnik's fleet is instead of being a flesh-and-blood made curcit-and-metal Mobian, one actually powers the Badnik.

They used to only inhabit the small South Island, but now they seem to be appearing all over the Main Continent.

Metal Metal is the spitting image of Sonic, only with blood-red glowing eyes.

At first glance, Metal looks to be nothing more than an ordinary roboticized Mobian, but there seems to be more to it. Since it only appeared recently, wandering the streets of Robotropolis, there's very little information about this robot.

Its creator is unknown, and Robotnik is unusually quiet lately.

What could its intentions be? Hopefully it'll all become clear soon...