This is the backstory for the game. Please note that this is NOT canon. This is a mixture of elements from other series.
South Island, July 5, 3219.

During the middle of the Great War, a town was caught in the middle of a battle. Many lives were lost in this battle, mostly civilians. During the confusion, many people tried to flee the island for safer ground. A hedgehog couple fearing for their newborn's life, gave him to a trusted friend to take to his uncle on the Main Continent. They intended to reunite with their son, Sonic, once they had fled... but they were never heard from again.

Main Continent, April 13,3224.

The Acorn Kingdom finally wins the Great War due to the strategic genius of Warlord Julian. Finally the kingdom was at peace. With the war over and the army no longer needed, Julian was to be appointed as the new Minister of Science. King Acorn gave the task of decomissioning the millitary to Minister Julian.

Unfortunatly, Julian's plan was far from dismantiling the huge mechanized force. Instead, he reprogrammed the robotic infantry to obey his, and only his, orders. Once the military was ready, Julian stormed the castle and seized control of the kingdom, and soon the world.

Welcome to Mobotroplolis... now... Robotropolis...

With a new menacing name, "Robotnik", Julian ensalved the people of Mobius. Helping him with this goal is a device called the "Roboticizer", which turns an organic being into a mindless machine. Sonic's uncle Sir Charles, ironicly the creator of Robotnik's new toy, was too enslaved by the mad dictator. King Acorn's fate was different, however. Robotnik banished him to the Void; an interdimensional rift of no return...

Across the world, few people were able to escape from Robotnik's reign of terror. One lucky group of refugees fled to Knothole Village; a highly secret location built during the war in case the kingdom should fall. Among them, was the royal nanny Rosie, who brought Sonic and the King's only daughter, Sally.

September 19, 3225.

During an attack on a village of survivors in the north, some fighters from Knothole came to help. By the time they arrived however, nothing of the village was left.

As they were leaving, one of the men found a baby fox in the ruins of one of the huts. The oddly twin-tailed child was wrapped in a blanket with the name "Miles Prower" printed on it. They took him back to Knothole.

February 27, 3227.

A young Sonic was out exploring the Great Unknown while he was supposed to be in bed, when he heard a loud bang in the distance. Curious, he went to investigate and found that it was just an old building that had collapsed. He was about to leave, but he heard someone call for help from under the rubble.

Sonic quickly dug through the rubble to find a fox that looked just like Miles, except he was a little older and had grey fur. Sonic took him back to the village.

Knothole Village, June 23, 3235-Present.

It has been 11 years since Robotnik's take over. Now a teenager, Princess Sally has formed a group of "Freedom Fighters" to fight Robotnik in the hopes of freeing their world.

Among these Freedom Fighters are Sonic, Miles (now called Tails), Rotor "Boomer" Walrus, Bunnie Rabbot and Antione D'Coolete. The grey fox, now called "Solar", lives in the forest brush near Knothole.

As of late, Dr. Robotnik has been quiet, though some strange new robots called "Badniks" have begun popping up. Though these Badniks seem to pose no real threat, they and Robotnik's silence have everyone worried. What could Robotnik be up to?

Regardless of their worries, the villagers are using this opportunity to relax and unwind. If only they knew what was in store for them...


Sonic the Hedgehog: Total Immersion