These are the Adventure Fields and Zones that you will explore.
Great Forest
Great Forest Even Robotnik's pollution and technological nightmare hasn't tainted the largest forest on Mobius… much. Though danger lies all over, the Great Forest remains one of the safest places left on the planet. This is because of how large it is and easy to hide.

Robotnik knows the Freedom Fighters' base is here, but has yet to locate it, even from satellite photos. Many of those remaining free live in seclusion here.

Knothole Village
Knothole Village This is the secret homebase of the Freedom Fighters.

This is by far the safest place on Mobius. Robotnik himself has never seen so much as a glimpse of this remote village. Knothole is more than a base… it is a civilization, a place where all are welcome to live to escape Robotnik's doing.

The Great Unknown
The Great Unknown Nothing is really known about this place, hence its name. One thing that is well known is how dangerous this place is. Fishers of boiling hot water and streams of magma are everywhere in this wasteland. Not to mention some of Robotnik's Swatbots are seen frequently here(they're probably lost...).

Ruins of old buildings indicate this was once a habitable area. At some point, it was most likely a part of the Great Forest.

The Dark Swamp
The Dark Swamp Known as one of the deadliest places on Mobius, the Dark Swamp is as dangerous as it is creepy.

Even before Robotnik's pollution wreaked havoc on this land, the place was still known for its deadly plants. Pullah moss grows on pretty much everything here. Though the moss by itself is harmless, the pollen it releases into the air is highly toxic. If inhaled, it will severely weaken any traveler. Prolonged exposure is certain death to all creatures!

Robotropolis This place was once the vast and beautiful city of Mobotropolis. Now, it's nothing more than research labs and pollution-belching factories. The smell of fresh air, replaced with toxic waste.

Even in the day, it's as dark as night due to the clouds of smog blanketing the city. The people? All made into mindless robotic slaves, destened to toil in the many factories. The streets may look deserted, but beware. Swatbots, and who knows what else, roam everywhere.

The Forbidden Zone
The Forbidden Zone Once part of the Great Jungle, this area is now a toxic waste dump. Being as close as it is to Robotropolis, Robotnik leveled the plantlife to extend his landfills.

Now this region is so polluted, even Robotnik dares not venture in. He has no problem sending Swatbots to be on look out for Freedom Fighters, though. Ruins of a city, half burried in hardened magma, give hint of an ancient civilization. The ancient city could have made even Mobotropolis look small.

Special Stages & Bonus Rounds
Special Stages & Bonus Rounds What Sonic game is complete without some of these?

Collect Chaos Emeralds in the Special Stages or test your skills in the Bonus Levels for special items! Try your luck, you may be rewarded for your efforts.

Gain entry through Warp Rings and Star Posts!

Many more locations await you in this adventure! Have you the courage to save the world?