Sonic the Hegehog: Total Immersion takes place on the planet Mobius. The storyline is a mixture of the older games, as well as the old Saturday morning and weekday morning cartoons.
Sonic TI title image
  • You play as Solar, a fox who wishes for nothing more than to be left alone and to live in peace. He will soon find himself pulled into the biggest battle the world has ever seen!
  • This game is in first-person perspective, with elements of an RPG. Controls are basic and easy to use, and are set up much like a standard FPS. You can also zoom the camera out and play it like a platformer.
  • The game will feature 16 levels of action. There will be many places to explore; in the levels, and in the Adventure Fields. You'll have swords, magic and technology at your disposal to discover just what Robotnik's evil plan is, and crack it wide open!