These are some of the weapons and items that you will encounter of in this adventure... Some of these items can be upgraded, but you'll never know just by looking at this list, will you?
This is a Slingshot, which is the first weapon you recive in the game. Its ammo is of rocks & bolts... generally small stuff. This is a versital weapon in that you can use it to trigger switches and knock down some items you may have a hard time getting to.
This is a Swatbot Arm, which has triggers inside the hand so the laser can be fired. This is a useful weapon that can take down many a foe... there's even a flashlight built into the index finger. This uses special energy cells which can be collected from defeated robots.
The Laser Rifle has 25% more juice than the Swatbot Arm, only it's a limited use weapon. Only five shots can be fired from it, but it's very powerful... use it wisely!
This Sword is rumored to have mystical powers. It remains to be seen if this is true or not... but it's possible that there's more to this blade than meets the eye.
Health Items
Sonic uses these for an extra boost of speed. For Solar, a Power Ring restores one hit point. Try looking for these in out of the way places... they'll prove useful.
The Ring x10 monitors restore 10 hit points, these are hard to come by, but are worth searching for..
A very rare Ring x30 monitor restores a whopping 30 hit points.
The useful First Aid Kit is an item that is held in inventory. You can store Rings in this item, and use them later... a must for the tougher levels! You can hold up to 100.
Extra Life doesn't need much explaining. These are very rare.
Ringu (Money)
After they've lost power, Power Rings become Gold Rings. Worth five Ringu.
Although rare, a Ruby is worth picking up. Worth 100 Ringu.
xtremely rare, a Flawless Ruby is absolutely worth searching for! Worth a whopping 250 Ringu.
Barrier Items
Activating Invincible makes Solar invincible to enemy attacks for a short period of time, however it's still possible to be crushed to death.
An oldschool Sonic item, the Barrier will protect you from light to moderate damage. Beware, it will only last until its energy is drained. Two other types of Barrier do this, and much more.
A Bubble Barrier allows you to breathe underwater for a short time.
The Flame Barrier will protect you from heat and some toxins.
Special Items
The Power Tails allow Solar to fly in the air for a limited time.
A red Mana Stone will replenish 10 MP. A blue one will restore 20 MP and a green stone will give you 50 MP for your trouble. A super-rare silver Mana Stone will give you 100 MP. There are also special Mana Stones for special magic.
Solar Doll is a robot decoy that is very useful. Activate this for a distraction if you're being chased by really large groups of baddies! Schurpy...
Stuck somehere? Look for Keys to open locked doors. They come in many shapes and sizes, so look careully.
Once used to enter Special Stages, a Star Post now opens Bonus Rounds. Activate this and jump into the spinning stars for a chance at earning Rubies, extra Experiance Points, and earn items like extra lives! There are many types of Star Posts, each of which open their own Bonus Round. You can also use Star Posts to respawn from, or save your progress.