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July 22, 2011 - Whee! - Solar T
Solar T As always, sorry for the lack of updated. The project is NOT dead. We've just been busy. A while back, SA Tails became webmaster of SonicVerse Team and brought me on to help out. The site was in pretty bad shape, and required a lot of TLC, but we got things fixed and running. So now we're working on a site revamp for SVT and our hub, SegaSonic Station. What does this mean for Sonic TI? Hopefully good things. It gives the project more exposure, so may not only boost our motivation, but attract skilled individuals into offering their services to the project! Anyway, be sure to check out http://www.sonicverseteam.net!
March 1, 2010 - O Hai >_> - SA Tails
SA Tails Comrades, we are still alive!
September 29, 2008 - Thusly you jest! - Solar T
Solar Random update time! I've gone through the site and updated a few descriptions here and there. Nothing huge. Engine wise, we're still sloooooooowly progressing, but progressing.

Levels: Base structures for the "Mobius" Adventure Field are set. Greatly untextured, and no objects yet (such as Power Rings, Item Boxes, ect..), but the point is, I have the layout done, and am now in the proccess of texturing things. The Mobius Adventure Field is the largest "level" in the game, and is more or less the main hug of the game, where many Action Levels connect, as well as where a lot of the story takes place (Story progresses in Action Stages as well, but moreso in the Adventure Fields).

Models: We're still pretty far behind on meshes for characters, but I've made a lot of the game's objects, so there is decent progress on the modeling.

Core Engine: I admit, I am a Novice still at C++, thus, I am still working and learning as I work, on programming the menu system, effects (such as the effects given from using special items), and how the character controls work. By character controls, I mean making it so if you control Solar, he has a much different feel than.. let's say controlling Sonic. I want each character to feel unique, and not just "well, Sonic's faster, but Solar can use weapons!"

Graphics: SA Tails is essentially the Graphics team, and is always drawing. So there is always some level of progress, whether it be concept art for a new boss, or menu graphics. Without him, Solar would just be a stick figure fighting an egg-shaped stick figure with a stick!